Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Group that is R2-43:

Pat Cleary(left) - likes to be called Ned (kinda)

Emile Cole(right) - likes to be called Milsies (kinda)

Tom Phipps(middle) - likes to be called Tom Phipps or Tom

Squinty Kendall Cake (top) - likes to be called MINTYYYY!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Final Thriller opening - The Mind Plays Tricks

Final Thriller Opening Sequence.

"The Mind Plays Tricks"

Starring: Emile Cole and Tom Phipps
Director of Photography: Patrick Cleary
Original Sountrack by: Tom Phipps
Edited by: Emile Cole and Minty

Friday, 19 March 2010

What we did today - Friday 19th March

In the end, there were a few minor changes to be made. The sound effects which we anticipated adding were added without trouble, Garageband providing everything we needed. We also added the title screen at the end of the introduction. It was added at the end rather than the beginning because we wanted to use it as a bridge for the rest of the film - we wanted to separate it form the rest of the would-be film. Also, the introduction ends at the perfect place to set-up the rest of the movie, so everything fits well.

Today - Thursday 18th March

Today was an extremely productive day. All four members of our group helped to change the rough cut into the final one, with Tom Phipps and Emile Cole sharing the mouse and keyboard.

By the end of the lesson, we had totally edited the piece to a level that we were happy with; there are no immediately obvious problems or editing mistakes. All that's required from next lesson will be to add two or three sound effects and to watch it back another couple of times, to make completely sure that there are no minor problems we have missed.

We should easily finish the piece tomorrow.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Rough Cut Class Feedback

In filming and editing our thriller, our soul purpose was to put across a convention of Illness. this was aproved by the feedback we received.

Most feedback in this section consists of "we Like this shot", and that shot was of the one near the lake. they also found the Shading rather effective in this scene.

Positive feedback says that the Reverse shot (There were two, but they didn't notice the first one!) was likable, and that the cut to the "Laying on the sofa" scene was very effective.

Negative feedback suggests that the camera could be steadier.

Mise En Scene:
The majority of feedback in this section reads that the location was nice, and effective, and that the switch between the outside, and inside, gave a sense of False security. in the perception that the Outside was somewhat Hostile, but the inside was a much nicer atmosphere.

Feedback reads that the soundtrack was Deep, and added tension to the footage, however, the big cut, to him jumping out of the sofa, was a bit sudden. and the TV in the background Ruins the continuity.

This is our rough cut. It has exceeded the time limit and we have more to include, we need to cut out some parts to make it shorter and to show the full story and the revealing part at the end of the intro (not yet edited onto the intro).


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rough cut progress

We think the rough cut is working well. We have made a soundtrack which fits quite well with the opening sequence. Although we may have to edit it a bit to fit because Emile and Michael plan to edit the length of the start.

Emile and Minty have edited a large proportion of the Thriller Opening Sequence and we will easily have a rough cut of the Opening Sequence by the end of Thursday.